Second Home Abu Dhabi!

Words can’t describe how much I love being in Abu Dhabi!

When I say Abu Dhabi, I’m just referring to the capital of UAE and also the second largest city. To give a quick idea as to which part of the world I am, I’ll start from what UAE stands for; the United Arab Emirates. There are a total of seven emirates (in other words, “States or Cities” you may call it) that make up the UAE. i.e. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

The picture was taken at Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi…

Well, it is a beautiful city!

I always had a soft spot on Abu Dhabi and if you have been living in Abu Dhabi for quite some time you would know where I am heading next; Abu Dhabi is peaceful, safe and friendly. That’s it! Literally!

It is my 13th year of residing in Abu Dhabi and to date, I still feel the same about this place.

  • You can step out from any place at any time and you’ll reach your destination safe and sound without any hassle!
  • If you like to get a small snack or go for a big bucks dinner, well it is possible too with so many different restaurants available, from very small to very big – less expensive to very expensive.
  • If you need to grab a last minute thing whether it’s a cookery item, household item, stationery item you name it, then that is so easy to get too as there are so many shops and Baqala (means grocery in Arabic) available right around the corner!
  • If you like to do your shopping from one place, malls in Abu Dhabi are full of different kinds of shops that will save your time (not sure it’ll save your pockets though)

There are much, much more things that you can enjoy at your convenience.

The city is known to be undoubtedly quiet and conservative compared to the glitz and glamour of Dubai. In fact, I don’t actually think that Abu Dhabi is conservative as the city has its own charm and of course there are great things you can definitely enjoy.

Yes, for sure you will see very many luxury supercars cruising on the roads of Dubai but Abu Dhabi has its own way of flashing its loud supercars.

People from all over the world are residing in Abu Dhabi and the friendly environment of the city always boosts the liveliness of both locals and expats.

To be very honest, I never had the chance to explore the other emirates during my childhood, teenhood and adulthood mainly due to studies, higher studies and of course work life. Excuses much? I’m not sure, I always felt like myself and my family had always driven a busy life and I do feel the same even now while typing this. However, things have definitely changed now as I am much more open for travelling and getting to know people, things and places! So for now, you’ll only hear about Abu Dhabi.

Growing up in Abu Dhabi I always get to hear that the cost of living is high. Is it true? Well, to be honest, I never felt much of a difference when compared, it all depends on what sort of neighbourhood you choose to live in, the type of apartment you like to live in and of course the type of lifestyle you adopt.

Another common belief amongst expats is that if you are single and enjoy a good nightlife then Dubai might be the city for you. If you have a family or enjoy a peaceful life then Abu Dhabi will suit right. Both the cities are overcrowded during rush hour though, however, Abu Dhabi is a little less busy.

Regardless, I find Abu Dhabi to be equally good as Dubai in terms of living. (I haven’t lived in Dubai so I would not comment much on living standards, I did, however, research on living in Dubai) If you really need to compare the two cities I find Abu Dhabi to be a lot more peaceful and you will definitely enjoy a quiet stay.

I don’t really know what and how my future work life will be or if I’ll ever get to live in Dubai, but if I do, I will definitely write a separate post on that.

I will also write on the must-see places of Abu Dhabi in a separate post as I really don’t like to keep this post too long. I wanted to give you a small review on Abu Dhabi and why I like living here.

While I am still residing in UAE, I am really looking forward to exploring places as much as I can. The chance is only now, you never know what comes next especially residing in a foreign country, and changes are always expected.

See you in my next post! 🙂


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